Friday, May 11, 2012

just pictures

so i feel like pinterest has replaced blogger as what i'm going to do in my precious free time on the computer.  i don't know that i like that.  i haven't been taking pictures.  maybe its the crazy after having another baby.  i feel like i always have a list of wants to do and needs to do but what i'm going to do is sit down and read a book.  here are some moments i've tried to capture on my phone.

i need a better camera.  when babies smile they move and its always blurry.  you get the gist though of her cuteness though right?


tracyp said...

yes, yes we do! I love the pic on the couch and then the pic of Eva smiling and laughing. So adorable!

Kathleen said...

I had that blurry problem a lot when Isaac was a baby. They just don't sit still unless they're sleeping! I take pictures sometimes because it makes me feel productive, like I accomplished something. I take them so much that lately Ila keeps asking me to take pictures of her eating. "I want picture Ila eating oatmeal"

Anyway, I got off topic--your kids are so cute and growing up so fast! I can't believe how big Sam looks.

Sara said...

I started using the "sports/pets" mode on my camera. I'm assuming it's a faster shutter speed. It seems to help me get better shots...just a thought.
Life is always crazy after a baby and takes awhile to develop a new least for me.