Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well what's Sam doing?

 he has loved hangin' out at the ball park.  i really think he'll miss it more than jackson.  his favorite thing to do was watching baseball practice (which is what he called every game.)
 holding eva, in the brief moments that they have patience for it at the same time.
 and growing up too fast.  i think being 2nd gets you in to cartoons/games faster than the first.  he loves star wars, spiderman, and johnny test.  at this age i think jackson was just discovering elmo and sid.

so....the boys drive me nuts when they're going to bed.  recently, sam seems to come out every 5 minutes or just scream.  last night i heard him just crying and frankly, i was ignoring it.  eventually i thought ok, that sounds like the persistent cry of being hurt or stuck.  When i walked in he had put the elmo potty seat (a smaller seat to put on top of the toilet for potty training toddlers) on his head and gotten it stuck.  oh sam.


tracyp said...

haha! I hope you took a picture of the seat oh his head.. but as a good mom maybe not. :) he is so cute!

Ashley said...

I ignored Bri's crying in the middle of the night Monday only to go in there and find she had thrown up. Sad. Cute, cute kids, Nat!