Thursday, May 24, 2012

and what about eva?

i was about the say the biggest trial of her life is putting up with them but that would be a lie.  she loves them.  they shake her, squeeze her, poke her, give her their toys, do "rocket baby" (which is as scary as it sounds and involves pulling the bouncer), and kissing her.  my biggest trial is protecting her from their love.  
 i love swaddled babies.  eek.... so cute.
 this is eva at jackson's game.  i think she only watched like 2 the whole season.  and i thought i was settling on a single stroller....
 happy girls.
yea... that includes me.  when babies sleep 9-12 hours at night they make their mommies happy too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well what's Sam doing?

 he has loved hangin' out at the ball park.  i really think he'll miss it more than jackson.  his favorite thing to do was watching baseball practice (which is what he called every game.)
 holding eva, in the brief moments that they have patience for it at the same time.
 and growing up too fast.  i think being 2nd gets you in to cartoons/games faster than the first.  he loves star wars, spiderman, and johnny test.  at this age i think jackson was just discovering elmo and sid.

so....the boys drive me nuts when they're going to bed.  recently, sam seems to come out every 5 minutes or just scream.  last night i heard him just crying and frankly, i was ignoring it.  eventually i thought ok, that sounds like the persistent cry of being hurt or stuck.  When i walked in he had put the elmo potty seat (a smaller seat to put on top of the toilet for potty training toddlers) on his head and gotten it stuck.  oh sam.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

because i don't often decorate i feel the need to show you whenever i do

i saw a print for sale on etsy with these principles from the proclamation.  i thought...i can make that myself...and did.

So what is jackson doing?

Well, one thing he's not doing is going to preschool!  He finished up on Thursday.  He cried.  He might be too much like his mom in some ways.  

 He's also not playing baseball.  He finished that up Monday night.  It was such a great season.  I think he had fun.  Brent was an assistant coach and i think they had great bonding time doing it together.  Brent didn't really want to do it but when we realized if he volunteered we could be on the team with Jackson's preschool friends he did.  He was really happy he did though.

we told jackson to smile.

Friday, May 11, 2012

just pictures

so i feel like pinterest has replaced blogger as what i'm going to do in my precious free time on the computer.  i don't know that i like that.  i haven't been taking pictures.  maybe its the crazy after having another baby.  i feel like i always have a list of wants to do and needs to do but what i'm going to do is sit down and read a book.  here are some moments i've tried to capture on my phone.

i need a better camera.  when babies smile they move and its always blurry.  you get the gist though of her cuteness though right?