Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook statuses

I've neglected my blog.  I got into facebook and instagram and it was so much easier.  I got a new phone and transferring pics was so much harder.  I didn't want to lose the things that the kids have said that I've posted on facebook.  Here are the quotes.  Do you have a favorite?

Sam's "best friends ever" of the week include Simba, Blaine, Mickey Mouse, Nemo, Sienna, his mom, Eva, and his red Hot Wheels car. You can't explain to him that this is illogical. Trust me, Jackson's tried. "Tinkerbell is NOT my best friend."

"I want bedbest! Bestbest (starts crying) befbest. I can't say it!"--Sam
He was trying to say breakfast.

"Sam today is going to be one of the best days ever. You want to know why? One of the apostles will be at church today! " --Jackson
Can't wait to see Elder Dallin H. Oaks!

At church I learned that if we didn't have skin our blood would shoot thirty feet away from us. -Jackson. Poor teacher, I'm sure she was trying to get something spiritual in there. You just never know which of the 100 sentences you spoke during a lesson will stick.

jackson: one day can we go to a real ice cream stand?
me: sure buddy, one day.
jackson: good because i want to buy an ice cream cone and leave it there to see how long it takes for it to melt.
me: ?? i'm not gonna do that.
jackson: but mom its an important discovery!

"I want to take care of the grass." --Jackson I had to document that one so that I could remind him of that in 10 years or so.

"I want to be a billionologist (they dig for dinosaur bones), an astronaut, a builder, and a clown when I grow up." --Jackson

After Brent and I upgraded phones last week, Brent loaded our old phone with kid apps, wrapped it up, and gave it to Jackson as a birthday gift with encouragement to share it with Sam. It has been in heavy use since then. He brought it to us last night dismayed that he couldn't get it to work after washing it in the sink. In his defense, it was disgustingly crusty. poor boy.

At 6:00am Jackson pokes his head in our room to say "The world is broken. I've been awake for a long time but the sun isn't coming."

"I get ice cream because I went poo poo!" says the boy who just pooped his pants

"I have a testimony that I want something to eat." Sam

"Its raining in many pants! " -Sam. If you were wondering he is not potty trained but I'm assuming he meant raining on his pants.

Jackson: Sam, we're going to the church but don't worry, we're not learning anything, we're going to a pancake breakfast.

me: "jackson, do y'all still have to sit girl boy at lunch?"
jackson: "no,we sit boy girl"

So my sister-in-law asked me what roll tide meant and I thought, I might as well tell everybody. It mostly means go bama but may also be used to say hello, good bye, or i love you. any i missed?

"Santa doesn't really work because Sam hits me everyday and he still got everything he wanted. " Jackson

jackson: you are one of the best moms ever.
me: one of? who is the best?
jackson: maybe dad

Sam fished a spider ring out of the candy bowl, started biting it then said "I can't figure out how to eat this!"
At church they marked places on the floor that need to be fixed with blue tape. Jackson asked me what the tape was for. I told him its there so they can fix the church. He asked "Why didn't they just use wood glue?"


Rachel & Stephen said...

So many of those made me laugh out loud all over again! Priceless! THEY ARE ALL PRICELESS!

Jan Hutchison said...

I am sure I have read this before but reading them today makes me belly laugh. These boys are so much like their parents!!!!