Monday, May 7, 2007

New Habits and accidents

My incredibly talented son has just learned a new talent! He can find his thumb and fingers to suck in a new record time. At first it was just too cute to stop when he stumbled upon those fingers. Now, it's surprising how quick and often he does. When I pull them out he just wails. I have to admit, my feelings are still mixed because he soothes himself that way but I continue to hear worries about the future of thumb-suckers. By the way, isn't that outfit adorable! (and I do mean both of them!)

This is actually the talent I'd like for him to develop but for today, it was just a pure accident. I was holding a rattle in front of him and he accidentally grabbed it and held on to it for like a minute or two. After he dropped it Brent and I kept on putting it back in his hand thinking surely he'll see the fun of it. Every time though he seemed to be completely unaware of the item in his hand but loving all the attention nonetheless! Hey, whatever pleases the boy!


Caroline said...

How sweet! I can remember how excited I was when my kids starting grabbing things. It makes playing with them so much more fun!
I wouldn't worry too much about the fingers thing!

Thanaglim said...

does he take pacifiers?

Matt & Robyn said...

Cute boy. I watched some old video of Jacob last night and was stunned at how uncoordinated newborns/small infants are! Enjoy celebrating such fun, little moments!

gr said...

I love the tub picture! Plus he is in a real bathtub!!!What a grip! You need to be putting a tennis racket in his hand!!!
Love to all.

gr not said...

that was supposed to be grandma jan not gr!!!