Monday, May 14, 2007

Wizard of Oz Party

I think it was last weekend we went to a little girl's Wizard of Oz birthday party. John and Becca Mccombs' daughter Ally turned three and she's obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. Of course she was Dorothy. We were all supposed to dress up, and I dare say, only after Dorothy herself, our little tinman was the cutest. Here is our Oz family. Brent was the scarecrow, I was Auntie Em, and Jackson was the tinman.
Here's the whole party. Go ahead and try to find a cuter costume than Jackson's (not including Dorothy.) Ally actually has beautiful blond curls, I don't know where they found the wig but her Grandma made the dress.


Thanaglim said...

haha, you put duct tape on your baby :) he was the best tin man EVER!!

Matt & Robyn said...

So cute! Are those Jacob's gray pants? Did I even send you those? I can't remember, but if they could contribute to the costume I'm glad. Looks like a lot of fun!