Thursday, May 31, 2007


whew wee!! That is said with the most exhausted southern accent you can imagine. We have been a traveling family over the past couple of weeks but it is good to be back home. I'll try to give as many details as possible but we've been so busy it might take a while to get all the pics up that I want. (That is probably way more pictures than what you're interested in but I love 'em all!) Brent, Jackson and I started out our journey Friday May 19th (I think, it was all so long ago) driving down to Alabama. We left Tuscaloosa Saturday morning heading down for the beach. Jackson and I stayed until Thursday then we left with my mom to Dothan where we slept, picked up cousins Teryn and Sage and my grandma and headed out Friday morning for New York City for my cousin Brittany's wedding there. We just got back on Tuesday. If that wasn't enough, Brent began his MCAT about 2 minutes ago. Once that's over then maybe we'll relax!
Jackson had no idea at the beginning how long he'd be in that car seat. He's always been a good carseat rider but this trip pushed him way over the edge. I don't think he'll ever want to get back in one again!

Tuscaloosa with Uncle G's hat

This is basically what Brent looked like for the whole week there. He's so studious!

New York pictures will have to come later as well as my "tag."


Matt & Robyn said...

What cute pictures. It looks like Jackson enjoyed his first trip to the beach. Hope you enjoy being home after your whirlwind trips.

Thanaglim said...

adorable and exhausting, especially with a baby. We went to Pennsylvania this past weekend and I was exhausted just from that.

Well post more pics soon!

grandma jan said...

So far so good. I will look forward to more pictures....and for the record I thought he was a wonderful car seat rider! Anyone who can stay asleep on subway cars and stay asleep while four women walked him up and down 100 subway stairs is amazing! And he was a wonderful roommate and alarm clock cooer too! I am missing the little man!!!GOOD LUCK BRENT!!!
Love to all.