Monday, April 20, 2009


Here are Easter pictures. A little late because in the rush of Easter morning we forgot to take pictures of Jackson in a new suit. We debated what to put him in but finally agreed on this. It's way big on him but hopefully he'll be able to wear it a while. Then at Brent's parents house we had the Easter egg hunt.

He'd shout "another one!" every time he found one. It made it a lot of fun just because I think he's so darn cute.
So have y'all seen these? giant candy bunny teeth. we thought they were gross but funny.


Lori said...

CUTE little man in a big suit!

Rachel said...

I thought those were actually Brent's teeth. Aren't they a little buck? ;)

Oh, thanks for the heads up and my own personal message. I just wish you were here