Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One step closer to being ready for Easter

I made Jackson's Easter basket or "purse" as he calls it. I just don't have a lot of room for storing things that don't fold into small baskets. Can I just say I LOVE it! I think he does too.

The best part is we don't even tell him to leave the room when we hide the eggs!
So sorry about the whole no pants thing. This was after Jackson dumped a whole jar of fish food into a friends fish tank creating a crimson paste covering his hands, face, hair and pants. We're still praying for Dragonwarrior's (the fish) survival.


Rachel said...

The bag is too cute. Make sure you train him to say his man bag instead of purse! Even if it does have pretty pastel eggs sewn on ;)

Grandma Jan said...

Cute! Cute!

Anonymous said...

The bag is adorable! (sorry - it's "tough" and "manly"!) You are so clever! I'm glad you solved the Easter basket dilemna. So much better than one of those cheap purchased baskets!

Caroline said...

LOVE the bag! You are so stinking creative and talented! Thank you for sharing your wonderful things with us!
My race is on April 25th and it is 13.1 miles! Wish me luck!

Robyn said...

Matt and I just looked at this and laughed at how cute Brent, I mean Jackson is. The boy and the bag are so adorable. Well done on both counts!