Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring finds

So when I get to a new place in winter I'm always a little eager for spring to see what it looks like there. Here are the good and bad finds from our new house.

we have a ton of this moss and other weeds in our yard. ideas? i've just been trying to pull up the moss b/c that's what our neighbor said. it's black in some parts from previous years of moss that died. brent has taken to the clover patches that are also very abundant. this is our first yard so we want it to look nice but we're kinda clueless.


Amber said...

Do what we do in Phoenix.....cover everything with rocks. Your neighbors might think it looks a little weird, but all you have to do is pull a few weeds every few weeks and you're mowing the lawn! You could add a few cacti and some palm trees to give it a real desert feel. (I hope you know I'm kidding....I have no clue when it comes to yards....I've already killed 3 hibiscus plants and one palm tree and I still can't figure out how).

Lori said...

man, we have more clover than grass. The key is the keep it mowed nice and short...then everything just looks green. :^)

Mandy said...

Lori is on the right track. Every winter we get lots of clover that takes over our yard, but come spring CJ mows it every week and eventually the grass overtakes the clover. Now for the moss, I have no clue. Good luck!

Kathleen said...

We spent thousands on our yard back in Orem, but it's such a dry climate that moss is not a problem. Check out this link for how to get rid of moss:

(I just googled, "how to get rid of moss in your lawn" and there's lots more than that if that link doesn't do the job).