Monday, April 5, 2010

I sing to Jackson a lot. Did you know that? I guess I'm the lucky sort of mom who has a child who seriously believes that a kiss cures a boo boo and songs will, eventually, make us feel happy again. I don't know many children's songs besides the primary songs. So to all of you who are familiar with them I'll test you in the same way I've been tested over the last couple of weeks. Jackson doesn't know the titles of these popular primary songs just random lines of the songs. He also doesn't know the real words, just guesses what they might be. All of these completely baffled me for a full five minutes at least as he screamed "you do!! you do know it!" I'll give them to you easiest first.

Ponder pray

Always turn a tea

Her peas, her father

Search, ponder and pray
Families can be together forever (all eternity)
Love is spoken here (her pleas to the father)

i've learned i need to call them by the real names to keep peace.


Holly said...

That is a cute story. Reminds me of Kylie Ruth.

tracyp said...

Yup, I had all the same guesses... I think its almost as frustrating for us as it is for them. I do love when they yell at you that you do know an answer, at least he still thinks you're one of the smartest in the world!

Bonnie said...

So funny! I didn't get any of them! That happens quite a lot at our house as well!

Lori said...

That's hysterical! I only knew the first one.

Grandma Jan said...

Such a sweet boy. Can't wait to have him here for a whole week!!!!