Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do you still get 'em?

Kool-aid Smiles!
It just adds extra emphasis to a happy boy!


Lori said...

Cute, cute! I get those from V8 Splash all the time. I have to check in the mirror after drinking it.

Thanaglim said...

awww...mark still gets them:)

he's grown so much so when's the 2nd one coming?

The Quayles said...

Love those pictures, Elliott only gets them from milk, but they are so bad! I stole almost all your links for my blog, I love them!

Rachel said...

He kinda looks like the joker

But I have to say if I drank Kool-Aid I would still get them because I spilled water down my chest today because the rim of my glass was to big for my face!

Emily said...

I always had a red smile! They are the best :)