Sunday, October 12, 2008

I love family

So maybe I'm being a bit redundant after my last post but going home is more than just returning to the familiar. It's being with family for me. It's having moments like some of these... (and a lot more that weren't captured on film.)
This is my sister-in-law Robyn who just moved to Chicago. We webcammed (is that how you say it?) and it was just so good to talk to her and see her. She looked super cute despite being surprised by our invitation. She is such a good mother and example and it was just good to feel like us girls were all in the same room chatting.
This is my great-grandaddy and Jackson. He is such a loving man. Considering his life experiences, I could justify him being a little harsh around the edges but he is such a positive and kind man. I love him tons and always enjoy visiting him.
It's an odd feeling to see your youngest brother come home in a dress shirt and slacks from work. It makes you feel like your family has completed the step into adulthood.
and then your mom makes fun of your sister and you think....maybe we haven't changed all that much.
The picture I wish I had but nobody was around to take it was of my mom, my sister, and me just chatting and laughing together. We tend to gather in the kitchen and back deck and just talk. We'd give each other a hard time about boys, clothes, personality and whatever other ammunition we could find. Maybe I'm just feeling sappy, but I seriously love my family and miss the ones that I don't get to see as often. (Grandma Hutchison!) I love y'all!
Hey, what do you think about that expression on Rachel"s face? So classic.


tracyp said...

That face of Rachel's is so classic! I love that Matt looks totally oblivious in it and Natalie, you are so gorgeous!

Cheri said...

Natalie you are so sweet! Thanks for your comments on family and being together. It really made me think about mine and what I love the most and what makes me feel like I'm home.

Emily said...

What a great time! Your family seems wonderful!

grandma jan said...

that is so sweet! Aunt Pat says it doesn't hurt to express your feelings. We are having fun or about to have fun at the beach. She is stretching before we go on our walk to buy me a toothbrush. I had such a great time last week with you. Sisters are fabulous!!
Love to all. MOM
Did Tracy think Lance was Matt?

grandma jan said...

Should of said you and JACKSON!!!!

grandma jan said...

Should of said you and JACKSON!!!

Rachel said...

That is your grandfather not your great-grandfather. It is Jackson's great-grandpa!

Cheri said...

Natalie I kind of went blog crazy and posted a lot of comments on your past blogs. :) You are adorable.

We LOVE the cute picture of your little family on the top of your blog!

Caroline said...

LOVE THIS! It made me cry!
I love the last picture! Where does Lance work?
I bet your family has SO much fun together