Monday, February 2, 2009

Just some info

Well this is twice this year that we've had snow. You can't tell by this photo but they were the biggest flakes (in my small amount of snowfall experience) that i've ever seen. It's always fun for us southerners. This man is demanding! always insisting on snowballs!
When he first walked out he fell so then he wouldn't walk out without my hand. kinda sweet though.
Jackson got a haircut this week. First by was horrible. This is after getting it fixed. He loves being read to.
Attempting to cover the bad do with hats. (His great grandpa Barnes' hat)
He peepee'd in the potty. Don't get too excited mom. I asked if he was done and he said yea then pee'd as soon as he got in the bath. I'm not really trying to potty train but I just occasionally ask him if he wants to try. Nobody's ever trained me on how to train. Looking at this picture makes me think I should have been more concerned about the toilet paper than the picture b/c he almost overflowed the toilet with it!


tracyp said...

I love that he's facing backwards!

Anonymous said...

too cute in his great grandpa's hat! We used to keep a candy bowl on the back of the toilet and the kids would get to choose a piece of candy if they were able to go in the toilet. Bribery is a wonderful thing!