Monday, August 24, 2009

I ask you how!

How do you get your kids to poopoo in the potty? I've bribed him. I've sat him in front of the TV. I've even given him a suppository when he got himself sick. He can keep his underwear clean and dry all day (well still not for naps or nightime) except for a #2 accident or he'll get constipated. Too much to share? Is he just not ready?


Lori said...

Time, sadly time is the only cure. Almost every child has given me #2 trouble. For weeks, for months. Then all of the sudden one day...they just get it. And then they'll still have accidents now and again, but you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before you know it, they are trained and you are happy!

The Archibald Family said...

Lori is right. With Bliss, he just pooped on himself so many times, then one day he just decided to go to the toilet. Don't know what changed. Just hang in there.

Mandy said...

I am of no help here yet, but I just have to say, what an adorable picture! Too funny!