Monday, August 3, 2009

Jackson at 2 1/2

So this post is really for future me to look back and remember the Jackson that is singing/moaning in his crib right now as he is today. I know I forget things and he does lots of things I want to remember but I don't have a picture or story to blog about.

Favorite tv shows are Curious George, Bob the Builder (although I'm a mean mom right now. He used to ask for it constantly but then something about this movie, while I was sick, I swear made my nausea worse and I've now told him "sorry, its broken" just b/c it makes my head spin. i know im horrible!) Super Why, and Little Einsteins. My favorite is Word World but we lost our movie at the beach and the show comes on during his naptime.

Lines he says that will always get a laugh: "Oh my goodness! Are you serious!?" Come on mom/dad/whoever is there whose name he knows, This'll be fun!" "bridge" (now this one we all try really hard not to laugh at but inevitably somebody will snicker, it sounds really naughty) "no way jose!" and i'm sure countless others but those are the most common ones.

Favorite books: "Go Dog Go" is way high up there now but he also likes "Ready set skip", Elmo books, "The Cat in the Hat", and truck books. We go to the library weekly too so we always get new books there.

Jackson is a great sleeper. I thank the healthy sleep habits happy baby book. He has his routine and will go to bed without crying. He may resist starting the routine and even avoid getting into bed but when we leave there are no tears. That is, as long as he has white kiki (a ragged waffle blanket that as it appears is more irreplaceable than I thought. can't find another anywhere.)and big blanket. Recently he has started sleeping mostly with Elmo and any other random toy he thinks which reminds me of this one.

When we play he loves going outside. He normally will ask for a walk so he can pick up sticks/rocks and drop them in holes (which are drains.) We also play with balls a lot. Gma and papa barnes now have an empty room in their house where great-gmas bed used to be where he loves to play corners. What's corners? who knows all we do is laugh and run from corner to corner. We've barely started trying to have craft projects too which are fun. Maybe I'll do a post on those?

He loves all members of his family, even those he doesn't get to see often and will get so excited when we mention anything exciting that they're doing. He desperately needs a sibling (which I'm working on) b/c he always has to try to drag us old people around. A summary of Jackson 2.5 isn't complete without mentioning tantrums. I love you despite them future Jackson but wow you can throw a bad one. I'm sure other moms have left the mall with screaming toddlers in their arms but when it happens, you feel all alone in the world. Often the only thing that will calm you down is a blanket and primary songs. I love how primary songs can soften both our hearts though and I love you more b/c of it. I love how already the church means something to you and you assume all big pretty buildings are temples and all people who wear robes or have beards are Jesus. You learned how to drink from an open cup by the sacrament. You say irreverent but sincere prayers (praying for books, toys, and even Joe working). You demand to be included in morning scriptures and will refuse anybody who tries to put you to bed without prayer ON THEIR KNEES! You teach how pure and forgiving real love is. Sorry this turned into a different post than I intended but I'll let it stand.


Mandy said...

What a sweet post! Go Dog Go ranks near the top of my list too. :)

Grandma Jan said...

Remember this is your journal! I loved it. He is such a wonderful wonder. I have great plans for him in the next few days. Hope you have shopping/visiting to do because it may work best without you there. Whoopee Jackson!!! Here comes grandma with her potty, potty!!

Lori said...

So sweet, what a great kid Jackson is. I loved your description of leaving the mall with a screaming toddler too. :^)