Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jackson's art!

I just wanted to show some of the really cool crafts we've copied from No time for flashcards. A couple were interpreted our own way for our needs. She has really cute craft ideas for toddlers to do. It's been fun to watch Jackson learn how some new skills. Some of those we just did during the day but a lot of them we've made for Family Home Evening. We really weren't good at it, thinking Jackson was too young to care but boy were we wrong. He loves it! Last night he was begging all through dinner and us getting ready to start family home evening. These are some of the other things we've made. He's really liked the games (matching, red light/green light) and wants to play them all the time.

Now this is obviously Brent's creation. I thought it was pretty far over his head but he loves it too. He'll walk up to the fridge and talk about what happens (well we just did it last night.) I love it because it's SO Brent. He is not a simple quick artist. If he's drawing he's really gonna draw it.

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Bonnie said...

You guys do so great with FHE! We tried red light, green light last night and it was a hit! Even Owen loved it! Also, cute lion!