Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 days

So many many thoughts.
Who are you little baby? You're hurting my back but I don't care. Well, I care but that's not the reason I want you to come right this minute.
We're all trying to get ready for you. Jackson is getting better at pulling up his own underwear and pants. And supposedly he feels bad everytime he plays too rough around my belly but let's be honest, it's freakin' HUGE!
I've set up the crib and laid out stuff to take to the hospital for you. It's the booties aunt robyn made and the blanket grandma jan made for jackson's blessing. I think they're both perfect. They're both white and crocheted or knitted (I don't know the difference.) I love picturing you in white.
Daddy's really excited but he doesn't talk about it a ton. I think he's trying not to decide in his mind what the gender will be. You know he's all about surprises.
I can't stop trying to picture what things will be like in the hospital, at home, with Jackson. Thoughts? Stories?


Robyn said...

Oh, good luck Natalie. It's so exciting to know your baby will be here so soon. Can't wait to meet the little Mr. or Miss Barnes.

tracyp said...

How exciting! You're almost there!

Grandma Jan said...

This baby is so lucky to have loving parents and a terrific big brother!!! Maybe even some nice grandparents and aunts and uncles. To quote another, "I feel your pain." It won't be long now! Come sweetly, little one and teach us what we need to know. Love to ALL!