Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

My baby turned 3 on Monday!! These pictures loaded in reverse order but it's too hard for me to rearrange so here's the backward story. Yay! Little Einstein movies from grandma and papa barnes!

Surprisingly he told me he didn't like the batter. go figure. he begs for bread dough and then will lick the flour off the counter.
I tell you Jackson loves cooking. He insists on helping. He'll pretend to read off ingr edients and really knows most things by sight. "now the sugar, now the vanilla... " I mostly love it. I say mostly because last time we made cookies one of the eggs missed the bowl.
He loved loved his birthday. Whenever we sang to him he'd bashfully put his hands up to his mouth like he was embarrassed. I have to admit I got pretty tearful thinking of thinking of how blessed we are to have him. He is so happy and helpful. He loves his family and loves to hug me and Brent at the same time and say "It's our family!!"


Lori said...

Happy birthday, sweet Jackson! Love the family hug story.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! What a cute kid, he is such a fun boy!

tracyp said...

Love the picture of him staring at the cake with his head in his hands. Happy Birthday Jackson!

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