Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nursing cover...check

I decided I couldn't make the carseat cover til I knew the gender but I could make my nursing cover. I think it's beautiful. I love all of the fabrics. Also, notice the la-z-boy chair we bought for me. Moving into a new house has spaced out places to sit down. This is now my only chair upstairs so it gets a lot of use already.
I know I'm dumb but when I make something with really pretty fabrics I look at it A LOT! I'll turn my head to one side and look....then the other, you know for a different angle. Don't worry if you don't love it and don't understand why I do, Brent didn't either.


Amber said...

I LOVE your nursing cover. You have such great taste in fabrics. I'm terrible at seeing what fabrics will look cute together. You'll have to give me a few tips. Where do you buy your fabric?

Bonnie said...

It is really so cute! I just the fabrics together, so cute! I can hardly stand it!

Emily said...

I love it and the fabric is awesome! keep up the great work and inspiring us all with your sewing talent :) your house sounds amazing! I want to see pictures :)

Kathleen said...

Too cute! You'll have to tell me how you made it :)

Chez Nous said... the fabric. Where did you find it? I've seen the bird fabric at Hobby Lobby. I actually want to use it to recover Isla's carseat. I love the red.
BTW...the kitchen wall color is Clothesline from the Valspar Signature Colors at Lowes. Good luck with the baby!