Wednesday, September 8, 2010

nursing sam

scene: I'm nursing sam on my bed, in walks jackson and sits at my feet. since sam was born we've had the rule jackson can't touch either of us while i'm feeding him.

me: hey buddy
jack: [funny face he makes while playing with sam (biting his bottom lip) reaches out to play with sams arm]
me: no touching sam while he's eating
sam: [stops eating to laugh at jackson]
jackson: [bouncing on the bed]
me: jackson no bouncing
jackson: can i bounce my shoulders?
me: no bouncing
jackson: can i bounce my feet?
me: no
jackson: can i bounce my head
me: no
jackson: can i bounce my fingers?
me: no
jackson: [begins to ever ever so slightly bounce while sitting down]
me: [trying to ignore the very very slight bouncing so we'll just be happy]
jackson: i'm bouncing mom
me: get off the bed


Lori said...

Hilarious!! The last two lines exchanged made me laugh out loud!

tracyp said...

Well at least you know he's trying to think a way around the problem.

Grandma Jan said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!!! I can so hear and see Jackson and Sam and you! Love to all.