Thursday, September 9, 2010


We went on another vacation. This time to Destin, FL. While the weather didn't fully cooperate with us we still had fun. On the way down we stayed with my sister in Montgomery and decided to take Jackson to see the capital.

I love this shot of Sam.

So honestly, I think my favorite part of this beach trip was Jackson playing with his cousins. We don't get to see them a ton but I think he absolutely loved having them around all the time. They did it everything together: swim, fight, take a "nice warm tubbie"(hehe nico), fall asleep watching little einsteins, had a sleepover with grandma and papa, stayed up late, and more. This is all 5 grandsons.


tracyp said...

Do y'all actually work? :) Glad you've been able to see family so much and get to the beach! I miss the beach.

Rachel said...

That is one GROSS picture of me! I don't know why I let Stephen convince me that I don't need more makeup.

Ashley said...

I'm disappointed you didn't get a belly shot of Rachel. Cute pics of the kids though.