Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book review

I really want to write on the blog about the books I read. I like keeping track of them. I'm just not really good at doing it when I finish and then I have a hard time remembering what I read. (As I was writing this post I remembered one I'd forgotten.) So that being said, my little book summaries or thoughts aren't very good, because I forget.

My Sister's Keeper by jodi picoult was a good kfast read. I thought the subject was good and it made me think. A 13 something girl is seeking medical emancipation from her parents so she won't have to donate a kidney to save her sister from dying of cancer. I didn't really like how it ended. It had several mini story lines that all ended too abruptly for my taste. Also, I tend to not really notice cussing until a certain word so I don't know if there was cussing throughout but once my sensitive word came up it was rather late in the book so I continued and it got worse after that. More than necessary for me.

Then I read The Peacegiver by james ferrell. I totally loved this book. I borrowed it from a friend but now I wish I had a copy of my own. It's an lds book about the atonement and finding peace. It changed a lot about how I think about the savior, my own decisions, my thoughts, and hopefully they'll change for a long time. While it is an lds book, he never mentions mormon doctrine or the book of mormon without explaining it as if the read wasn't familiar with it. I do think it's a good book even for members of other faiths. It's not a sermon like book, it's fiction so I liked reading it for that reason too. I totally totally recommend this book to the point that I want to re-read it and buy it. (I hate re-reading books and don't even particularly want to own the books I've read. I get almost all from the library so that is saying something.)

Then I read The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I liked it. I didn't like it the whole way through but in the end I did like it. The beginning I found rather boring but I'm glad I kept reading. It's about a guy who is engaged and the society expectations that surround him in that situation. It's about marriage and what can potentially come from that. (it's so hard to not write what happens but i don't ever know if somebody would actually read the book.)

well there you go. check them out if you want.

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tracyp said...

I love the Peacegiver....I think it's a book that everyone should read over and over,there are so many layers to that book.