Thursday, February 17, 2011

I think 4 is awesome

or maybe its just jackson is awesome. Think back to 3 months ago. I had been trying to get himto stop sucking his thumb. I told him that babies suck their thumb. I told him that 4 year olds don't suck their thumbs. I told him I was so happy when he sucked his thumb because it meant he was still little and I didn't want him to get bigger. When I'd catch him sucking his thumb I'd tell him to stop to which he'd reply "No, I can because I'm not 4 yet!" Well he turned 4 and that was that. Then recently I noticed I hadn't seen him sucking his thumb at all. I gave it a few days to observe and I still haven't seen it. Is that amazing!? I think it is. The will power. the initiative. Maybe Jackson was right, maybe 4 really is big.

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Cheyenne said...

Maybe I'll try that with Olivia to get her to stop sucking her thumb. She is constantly introducing herself as "three-almost-four" these days.