Monday, February 28, 2011

A Q and U wedding

So for our preschool group I had the letter Q. yuck! What do you do with the letter Q??? Well, in the elementary school I worked at they had a Q and U wedding. I mentioned it to the kids and they were excited but when I thought more about it I didn't want to do it. Like a week later Hannah told her mom that "she still didn't get to marry jackson." I felt bad so we did it. They got into it more than I realized. I mean, the wedding part, I don't think anything about the letter Q stuck.

unfortunately for jackson he is the only boy in his preschool so he had to marry all three girls. he was pretty over it by his 3rd wedding but i made him do it anyway so he wouldn't let the girls down. I did feel bad for him though.

Then we made a wedding cake, complete with buzz and jesse on top--a detail which i loved.
So I wouldn't do it again. They actually got into it more than I imagined. I came downstairs and jackson had kissed one of the girls. It was innocent and his explanation was of course that they were married but I think it might have upset a girls mom. so i'm not recommending this activity but i couldn't not post it.


Kathleen said...

When I was little, we were friends with a family that had a bunch of boys and whenever they came over, I'd marry Seth. We'd put out a ceramic temple so that it was a temple wedding and my older sister would marry us. I have no idea how it started or why we kept doing it. I only remember that once I was mad at Seth, so I married his little brother instead.

Rachel said...

HaHaHa... I love it! Way to go Jackson, steal that kiss. But wait, I guess he didn't if he's married.

Oh Natalie, you might want to take this blog down. Jackson might get arrested for polygamy. ;)

tracyp said...

Look at your little man! Great idea Nat! (or great way to steal it from the school you worked at) :)

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Holly said...

I was reading through your blog. Your blog made me laugh more than once. I was laughing at the post about the pretzel bag, because Kylie has super-sonic ears when it comes to food too! She comes running when she hears a food bag crinkle. Also, when Kylie turns 4 maybe she will stop sucking her thumb. You give me hope.