Saturday, February 12, 2011

A farewell

remember how i'm a sap? well, its one those posts.

This 1996 camry was my first car. my parents told me they would pay half up to $4000 if i paid the other half. i wanted a camry. to me they screamed i'm a responsible and practical person. I'm still not sure if I fooled anybody. well, after 237,000 miles, we said good-bye to the camry. It was pretty weak in its last days and on its final trip made it all the way to our street and died 2 doors down. It was a lot like Scarlet's horse that died at Tara's gates after carrying her and Melanie home from Atlanta. (I love that book/movie!)
Because I am a sap I took pictures from the porch.

The man, assuming I was taking pictures of my son admiring the tow truck, told me he'd let jackson sit up front. So i took that picture too.
I don't have pictures of our early days shared together because they were pre-digital photos but here are some special days we shared together.


Robyn said...

Do you think the two months I borrowed it while you were on your mission were its undoing?

I really loved this car while I used it. Thanks again for sharing with your strange new sister-in-law.

She was a good ol' car.

tracyp said...

So sad.... I still reminisce about my first car.