Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam!

He's 2! I really thought he looked the same as last year but now that I look again, he is kinda huge now. This is probably the last year of doing all the partying on Jackson's birthday and going low key on Sam's. We did get cute pictures of him though which in my book is how you prove a child had a birthday. Happy Birthday buddy!

part of his loot (backpack, coloring book, sunglasses) He is so different from Jackson when he opens presents. Jackson is all about the next present and ready to toss each gift aside. Sam was bothered when Jackson would give him his next gift because he just wanted to play with what he just opened.
Another view of Jacksons amazing candle blowing skills.
So this was on Jackson's birthday but its just a cute video of Sam.


tracyp said...

I love the donut cake!

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Anonymous said...

oo! Very cute .