Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this is one of those posts where i want lots of comments

another advice post. i just trust and depend on y'all's opinions and experience so much and i've been obsessing over this question.

Is a fancy double stroller worth it?

Here is my situation. I sold my travel system once Sam grew out of it. I never loved the car seat. it was hard to operate. I figured I made it last for 2 kids, they're not supposed to be used for more than like 5 or 6 years, so i might as well get my new car seat for my 3rd kid.

Now I can't decide if I should buy a car seat + a nice double stroller or just a regular travel system for one infant. We have a double umbrella stroller. I like it because it folds very small and we don't use it a ton. I'm a gym member and so most of my exercise is done there but there are times when I'll take 2 kids out. The umbrella stroller however shouldn't be used with kids under 6 months (so they say). In that time I'll be going on 1 or 2 beach trips (thank you parents!) and my gym will only take babies over 3 months, so I think a good stroller will be important.

A single travel system runs around $250. The phil and ted's stroller double stroller runs about $350 + $30 for car seat adapter + $100 for just the infant car seat. That's a huge difference.

The reasons i've been looking at the phil and teds is 1) it folds up very small comparative with other doubles--brent says that doesn't matter if we have a van but to me space is a big deal. who is right? 2) its easier to push than the cheaper tandem strollers. i hear they are not only bigger but much harder to push. I'm not stuck on the phil and ted's though if there is a better option price/functionality.

Sam and this unnamed baby girl will be closer in age than sam and jackson. maybe i'll use it more? What kinds of stroller systems do y'all have?

Did I write more than you were willing to read?


Morrison Family said...

This is my opinion. I have a really nice double stroller and it has been a life saver!! I have loved it all around. My kids are pretty darn close in age and it really made life easy!!

Amber said...

Mike just bought me the Phil & Teds Explorer jogging stroller for my birthday. I've been drooling over it for months, but it is very pricey. The thing I like most about it is that it can be a single stroller or a double stroller. You can buy an attachment that snaps on the bottom and it becomes a double stroller. The adapter for the car seat is about $30, but you don't have to use it with a car seat. The seat lays down far enough that you can just lay a young baby in it, and then use the extra seat on top of that (here's the pictures of all the combinations:

We purchased this stroller because I walk every day and I don't have a gym membership, so I know it will get lots of use. I've only used it a few times so far and I LOVE it. It pushes so easily and Henry was comfortable the whole time. I haven't used it with the extra seat yet, so I can't comment on that.

I have a single stroller, a snap-n-go, and a cheap umbrella stroller. When I first had Henry, I loved the snap-n-go, but we only used it for about 6 months and now that we will have two, I don't need it anymore, so I'm going to sell it. It was nice for those 6 months because we have a small car and it wasn't bulky, however, after six months, it just took up garage space. I loved my single stroller (it's a Chicco and a great walking stroller), but I couldn't use it until he was 6 months old and now that we'll have two, I needed a double.

So I guess to sum everything up....I know the Phil & Teds is expensive, but if you think you'll get some good use out of it, I think it's worth it. Plus, you can always sell it on Craigslist once you are done with it and get some of the money back.

Lori said...

Don't know this is helpful advice or not, but we never got a double stroller of any kind through all five kids. One summer (when Afton was <1) we borrowed one a few times to go to Dollywood. That was the only time we ever needed one. We got a big fancy stroller/carseat system deal when Emma was born and barely ever used it with her, not once with Ben, and finally got rid of it before Josh was born. (I mainly hated how big and clunky it was though, those phil+ted's are much sleeker.) I've always just stuck with a tried and true and cheap and small and portable umbrella stroller.
That said, I never tried to use one for jogging of course. :)
P.S. Three months?? I think the rule was 6 weeks when Afton was born. Lame-o.
P.P.S. What do you need stroller for at the beach? Just curious...I can't figure that one out. Going on walks around town?

Robyn said...

I have a bob and love it, but I used it more in an urban setting. Little Rock is so abominably hilly and life's been so crazy that I haven't used it as much here. Hoping to get back to my walking soon. I have loved it though.

That being said, I say go with a jogger-type stroller if you get a double. The Phil and Ted's I think makes the most sense if your kids are close in yours will be. I like the Phil and Ted's, but a few complaints many of my friends who own it are that they tip over easier than most (the bob is a bit tippier than traditional strollers, too), there's not much storage in the basket (might be a city dweller need), they don't ride as smoothly after a while, and it's awkward to get the bottom dweller in.

I think you'll use it and like it, but if your long term fitness plans are the gym I wouldn't bother due to the price.

Phil Marlowe said...

You probably already know how we feel about our stroller. It's a Phil and Ted's sport. We LOVE it. It is so easy to push, it's nice and narrow (compared to other doubles), I guess it's sort of heavy but the ease with which it pushes more than makes up for the weight...I push mine with one hand all the time and I have some heavy kids. How often do you carry your stroller?

When I only have one kid in there I still usually like to have the back seat in because it is extra space to put stuff like cameras, tripods, diaper bag etc.

As for taking it to the beach, we have taken ours to the bahamas and it was so worth it. We walked around quite a bit and the big wheels on it really help to get over some bumps and sandy patches that an umbrella stroller just can't hack.

They also have an awesome warranty.

My biggest complaints are that the break is a little akward to apply, but it gets easier, and there are no drink holders (they make accessories for this but Iris holds my drink just fine). :)

nowellmama said...

Its been a while and I can only say that you absolutely want a double stroller, It is your preference, but if you go to the mall, the wide ones are not so good. I suggest the double one you can turn your kids around either direction. you want two seats with seat belts definately, the sit n stand was good, but it wasn't able to buckle anyone in efficiently. so I guess I am for the skinnier, 2 seaters, with extra storage options. good luck. It is such a hassle, but such a blessing. I wish I could use the umbrella stroller now and my youngest is 5. It is so much easier to carry junk in even if no kids, but that might look crazy. Enjoy the bundles, they so grow up fast, crazy life, but flies by.