Saturday, October 20, 2012

events that warm a mother's soul

i love it when they get along.  Its not terrible rare either.  I think they both have very kind hearts.  As I was uploading these pictures Jackson ran from the bonus room and told this story.

"Mom!!  I told Sam I was looking for the curvy lego and he tried to HELP ME!  It was really hard but he didn't quit and then he FOUND IT!  He gave it to me and I told him thank you."  I had actually heard the very loud, emphatic, and dramatic thank yous from downstairs.  They've been playing happily together this Saturday morning for 2.5 hours!!

These are pictures of Jackson letting Sam play Mario Kart.  I think that race lasted like 16 minutes but Sam was just as intent on winning in the end as he was in the beginning.

Sam was crying that he couldn't keep up with Sam and Griffin so Jackson went back and held his hand.  really???  how did i get so lucky?

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Kathleen said...

So sweet! I love it!