Tuesday, October 9, 2012

starting solids

i procrastinate starting solids.  its so much work.  we started on her 6 month birthday and i've averaged about once a week since then.  these pictures make it look like she loves it.  they are deceiving.  adorable.  but deceiving.

 today was the first day she showed interest....
in sam's cereal at least.


Kathleen said...

I'm usually the same way. Ila hated everything I offered her and it was not much fun to feed her. I'm always glad when they're old enough to feed themselves!

Amber said...

I wanted to wait until Evelyn was 6 months, but nursing just wasn't cutting it. She was always hungry, I was always feeding her and every time I ate, she was trying to get at my food. Finally, after putting it off for a few weeks (after the initial thought that she was probably ready), I gave in. She LOVED it and she has loved it ever since. I still dread it everyday and we're already up to 2 meals a day. She gets excited whenever I put her in her high chair. Henry was completely opposite. One thing I have learned with the second baby....every baby is completely different (at least mine are).