Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So since I've finished school I have once again picked up reading as a hobby. It was just put on hold for... I don't know 7 years or so. I've seen a couple other blogs where they list what they're reading and I always like to look for ideas and so forth. So I thought I would start posting books as I finish and I can leave a few thoughts as to whether or not I liked it. I don't know if y'all care what I read but I do care what y'all read so if anybody wanted to let me know about some good reads either leave a comment or keep your blog updated with good books.
I just finished And Then There Were None. It's a classic mystery. I've never read mystery books. (not even goosebumps when I was little) Generally I'm just not a fan but when you put the word classic in front of anything I'm intrigued just because it has stood the test of time. I loved this book. I have a habit of checking the last page just to see how many pages are in the book and I accidentally saw something that kinda gave it away but I was constantly second guessing myself throughout the book. It's very clean if you don't mind murder. The other book I finished this year was Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. It is also a classic. It has two main characters Anna and Levin. I liked reading about Anna and mostly about Levin but sometimes it had several chapters of crazy boring stuff about Levin. It is long and took me like 8 weeks to finish. While thinking about these I thought I'd just mention my favorites that I've read last year or so. I'll only mention my absolute favorites and so my top recommendations. I read Harry Potter (of course), Twilight (of course), Gone With the Wind, like 4 Jane Austens, Uncle Tom's Cabin, These are My Words, Jane Eyre, and John Adams by David McCullough. So most of you won't care but maybe somebody does so there you go.


Emily said...

Those are great books! I also love the Host! Its a great read, but I will say it takes a good three or four chapters to get into the book and understand what is going on! Read it and then we can discuss it :)

Robyn said...

Oh man, I told you I like Socery and Cecilia for a light, clean read. And if you're up for a long classic Great Expectations, Crime and Punishment or David Copperfield are wonderful.

Now I need to read And Then There Were None.

Grandma Jan said...

I am so glad you liked the book I suggested. Thank Dad for picking it out for me. I am enjoying These IS my Words. I am just a slow reader...rather I fall asleep when I pick up a book. Love.

Anonymous said...

Jan sent me your blog about reading Anna, I read it several years ago and enjoyed it, Jan didn't. Some of my reading lately: "Population 485" - great story about small town volunteer firefighters "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" - dogs, people, murder, supernatural; sometimes hard to follow but good "The China Study" - about the food we eat, I picked it out of the library based on seeing it reviewed on Amazon, it really made me aware of what I eat and how I feel after eating certain things "A Course in Miracles" - hard to read but seems to be truth to me. Love, Aunt Pat