Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I wanted to make a springtime post.

We've really had some gorgeous days but I keep thinking about the newest blooming trees that I don't have a picture of yet. I know it's silly. I'm so affected by the weather around me and just love it. I know you all have your own gorgeous blooming trees around you but some how I always seem to think nothing could be so perfect as this.... til I drive down the road and think the same thing some where else. So instead I'll tell you about Jackson's best friend/little brother/baby doll,that he carries by his eyeballs.


Grandma Jan said...

You know you are a Dollar when you are so affected by the weather. I could not see your picture until I blew it up. You do have a wonderful view of your area. The Blue Angels are coming here next weekend. I hope to get a view close by. Love to All.

Robyn said...

I miss spring in the south. So pretty!

And Jacob had used to suck the eyeballs of his Elmo. So cute to see that Jackson is so attached.