Monday, August 9, 2010

A Barnes Beach Trip

A Barnes beach trip is very different from a Hutchison beach trip. Although I was reminded of this throughout the week at Hilton Head for different reasons none hit me so hard as when I just sat down with the intent to post and I realized I don't have a single picture. I have a couple goofy expressions of Sam laying on the floor at the condo when I thought "oh no I haven't taken any yet" but then never brought it with me to the beach. I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry to anybody who was curious as to just how gorgeous Hilton Head is. Because it is gorgeous. I'm used to Florida beaches which are lovely but different from this. My favorite part of a Hilton Head beach are the tides. I love going out at low tide when there is so much wet sand to play it. You can ride bikes on it which was shocking to me when I first saw it. Also I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or a truth but the waves seemed bigger at hi tide which I'm sure would have been fun if I hadn't been holding a sleeping baby. [ah sweet sam--the only time my children sleep in my arms is under conditions of EXTREME exhaustion but it is blissful b/c it's so rare]. Another difference was in how my family vacations vs. how the Barnes do. My family is all go go go. We all get ansy being in the condo and consider the day almost a failure if we didn't get to the beach twice. My parents come home at like 8:30am after some intense exercise, calling us all lazy for sleeping in so late. Brent's family takes it all slow. It took me a couple of days to get used to this (I was a bit of a crank--sorry fam) but after I relaxed a bit I enjoyed it tremendously. I did coax Brent and his mom to ride bikes with me that we rented for the kids to ride in which was way way fun. Maybe even my favorite part of the trip. Jackson loved playing in the sand and was tentative but willing to play in the waves. We put Sam in their bathwater-temperature-pool and he loved it too. Brent even dunked him several times although I had to look away for that part. my nerves will be the death of me. all in all it was a way fun trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it. despite the lack of pictures. oh oh if you read this much you might as well know there will be a romantic-picture-less post tomorrow (or soon).

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Grandma Jan said...

NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!?????????
Well, we will just have to get them in 3 weeks at Destin. CAN'T WAIT!!!