Friday, August 20, 2010

It may be of interest

I added two new links to my favorite links list.
Small Notebook is a blog/website i'm not sure about simplifying, organizing, and housekeeping. I found it last week and was surprised to find somebody writing so much like how I think. While this post converted me (how to make things harder and do nothing), I also liked ah-ha cleaning moments, and the no spend month. Very interesting.
Nesting Place is how I would/hopefully will decorate my house. I just like her style a lot. I've always assumed that people who had a nice house spent a lot of money doing it. She picks up a lot of stuff cheap at thrift stores and such. While I don't have time in my life now to do that. (kids are so hard to take to places like that i think.) I still really like what she offers. Check out cool, calm, and collected.

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Chez Nous said...

Natalie...just read your comment on my last post and left a comment there for you...even, so I'll let you know here that I do have a temple bag pattern that I used in college. Just send me your email address and I can scan and email it to you. It's super easy to make and very convenient to have.
BTW...I too love The Nesting Place...found her blog a while ago and forgot about it until you just mentioned it. Thanks for the reminder.