Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes my memory is my enemy

I remembered being miserable the first trimester with Jackson but not the 3rd. I was miserable the 3rd with sam and felt blind-sided. Why didn't I see this coming?

As is true now with feeding Sam real-ish food. I actually remembered not enjoying breastfeeding because I felt tied down and pouty that it was a job I couldn't hand off to Brent. (with Sam I've actually loved it.) I remember feeding Jackson and not thinking much of it. Maybe I was just so excited that Brent or I could do it. I'm so not enjoying feeding Sam. I guess I thought that since he opens his mouth to put EVERYTHING else in he'd just open his mouth for food. blah. so not true.

On like some where around the 10th time I fed him I gave him his own spoon. Every time he'd try to put his own spoon in his mouth I'd pop my spoonful of green beans in. It worked for a little but then he became less interested in eating his own spoon.
This is Sam after me trying to feed him for a solid 30 minutes. Notice how much we had left. I think he's grinning because he's recognized that he's won.


tracyp said...

I think Heavenly Father gives us selective memory so that we just remember the good times.

Kathleen said...

I remember being so excited to be able to give Isaac solids and then discovering that it was hard and not enjoying the teaching him to eat part. Ila was hard at first and I spent so much time feeding her green vegetables that now it's the only food she likes!