Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Our new baby boy!
Sam Hutchison Barnes
1/26/10 at 2:32 pm
8 lbs 12 oz 20.5" long
practically perfect in every way!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!

My baby turned 3 on Monday!! These pictures loaded in reverse order but it's too hard for me to rearrange so here's the backward story. Yay! Little Einstein movies from grandma and papa barnes!

Surprisingly he told me he didn't like the batter. go figure. he begs for bread dough and then will lick the flour off the counter.
I tell you Jackson loves cooking. He insists on helping. He'll pretend to read off ingr edients and really knows most things by sight. "now the sugar, now the vanilla... " I mostly love it. I say mostly because last time we made cookies one of the eggs missed the bowl.
He loved loved his birthday. Whenever we sang to him he'd bashfully put his hands up to his mouth like he was embarrassed. I have to admit I got pretty tearful thinking of thinking of how blessed we are to have him. He is so happy and helpful. He loves his family and loves to hug me and Brent at the same time and say "It's our family!!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since I'm not having a baby...
I made this nursing cover for Brent's cousin Kathleen. Brent doesn't like the fabrics but I did so here's to hoping she does. I hate walking around the house trying to find a place to hang it where it takes a decent know...its really all about how it looks in the picture I put on the blog.
Also I'm not sure you if you remember this that was supposed to be done by Christmas but hasn't been touched in 2 months until this week. I know this sounds weird but unfortunately I still like it which means I fear touching it for ruining it. I pinned the backing to the batting and top today with safety pins. I think the next step is stippling but I'm not sure. It's not trimmed to a rectangle yet. I'm really clueless when it comes to making a quilt so those with experience.... let me know!
This is actually the back.
and this is the top.
Is all this work worth it for a 3 year old?
Yeah, definitely. (His birthday is Monday!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3 days

Last night Brent said to me "So this baby must be a girl because I keep forgetting about it!"
It's so wrong on so many many levels!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

unfortunately i can't blame this on pregnancy

so jackson loves to play "gimme 5, up high, down low, too slow!" probably because he wins about 50% of the time. seriously. I'm an adult, he's 2, we both know what's coming and yet I still can't pull my hands away fast enough to be able to say "too slow." Yes, I'm really that slow and I'm trying every time.

Nursing cover...check

I decided I couldn't make the carseat cover til I knew the gender but I could make my nursing cover. I think it's beautiful. I love all of the fabrics. Also, notice the la-z-boy chair we bought for me. Moving into a new house has spaced out places to sit down. This is now my only chair upstairs so it gets a lot of use already.
I know I'm dumb but when I make something with really pretty fabrics I look at it A LOT! I'll turn my head to one side and look....then the other, you know for a different angle. Don't worry if you don't love it and don't understand why I do, Brent didn't either.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 days

So many many thoughts.
Who are you little baby? You're hurting my back but I don't care. Well, I care but that's not the reason I want you to come right this minute.
We're all trying to get ready for you. Jackson is getting better at pulling up his own underwear and pants. And supposedly he feels bad everytime he plays too rough around my belly but let's be honest, it's freakin' HUGE!
I've set up the crib and laid out stuff to take to the hospital for you. It's the booties aunt robyn made and the blanket grandma jan made for jackson's blessing. I think they're both perfect. They're both white and crocheted or knitted (I don't know the difference.) I love picturing you in white.
Daddy's really excited but he doesn't talk about it a ton. I think he's trying not to decide in his mind what the gender will be. You know he's all about surprises.
I can't stop trying to picture what things will be like in the hospital, at home, with Jackson. Thoughts? Stories?

Monday, January 11, 2010

I have lots of excuses

I don't have a sewing table yet in the room I want for a sewing room. I'm still unpacking.

I'm just so uncomfortably pregnant.
Jackson quit naps over the holidays.
I have lots (even more than that) of excuses for not sewing these lovelies for the new baby. I couldn't even remember the other cute baby project tutorials i've seen online. send me a link if you know of more cute ones. seriously. i'm gonna start again soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

one reason unpacking is hard

when i was un packing he was building his "rocketship" out of cans.

Friday, January 1, 2010

yup....another one

Introducing Scott and Siobhan (pronounced shivon). April 13th. I actually have the most pictures of them because Brent took their engagement shots yesterday. I thought he did a really good job.
That makes a sibling wedding in March, April, and May.

Don't they just look like they'll be happy for like forever!!

March 12!! We're so excited.